Green woodworking involves working with freshly felled timber which is relatively soft and ‘green’ making it easy to work with hand tools. Unlike the dry seasoned timber bought in machined planks from the timber yard, in green woodworking we start with the wood in its log form – which connects us back to the living tree.  Using traditional hand tools and techniques the log is split to fashion a range of items from spatulas to stools, benches, tables, chairs, gates etc.  It is a very satisfying, relaxing activity that can be enjoyed by adults and children of all abilities. Most people who come on my courses are not used to using tools and don’t regard themselves as being ‘practical’ but they soon feel comfortable and start to enjoy the creative process of  transforming a log into their own stool or table.

Student side axing

I run workshops throughout the year here in Old Town,  Hebden Bridge.  Weather permitting, students work outside in my garden where there are great views out to Stoodley Pike and the hills beyond Hebden Bridge.  In the winter months and on rainy days we retreat to my workshop which is heated with a woodburner.

I offer 1:1 and small group sessions .  In winter months groups are limited to 3 and in the spring and summer months I take a maximum of 5.

The workshops accommodate all levels: the beginner or those who have some experience and wish to progress onto more advanced projects.

Sessions run on weekdays and at weekends with the flexability to arrange sessions to suit your availability.  See courses page for current dates and times.


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